Monday, December 17

An incredible personal brand

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Gordon Tredgold, NextTen Director of Customer Experience Leadership, recognised

Our resident leadership expert Gordon Tredgold has just been selected by Influencer Marketing Hub as one of their Top 12 Incredible Personal Brands as one of the Top 12 Incredible Personal Brands, along with the likes of Seth Godin and Oprah Winfrey.

Whilst this is quite an achievement, what struck me about this was how Gordon has used his excellent leadership skills to build his brand in a way which actually confirms his approach to driving cultural change.

I say this because many of the qualities and techniques needed to build a strong brand are exactly the same as those needed to change culture.

Leadership defines culture. How leaders talk, act and live the cultural changes they are looking to make is critical to the success.

That culture has to be both relevant and must resonate with the organization your trying to change, and then the leadership needs to be persistent and consistent in how they live that.

This is what defines culture, creates culture and embeds culture.

Simply put the leader has to engage, empower and excite the organization with the direction that they are going in.

They have to do it authentically passionately and simply –  only then will the organization follow.

Gordon’s leadership brand is one of engaging, empowering and exciting his audience by consistently providing them with actionable leadership tips which they can implement to achieve success and drive results. This makes him relevant and resonate with his audience and is what draws people towards him.

Congratulations Gordon and please keep up the great work!


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