Friday, August 17

E-Book: Understanding Customer Outcome-driven GDPR

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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be coming into force in May 2018. Although many businesses have plans in place to ensure compliance, a significant number have not yet started. Moreover, most businesses are missing the opportunity to use compliance as a way of increasing the level of trust felt by their customers.

In this e-book we explain how taking an approach to GDPR based on a more profound understanding of customer outcomes can help you achieve compliance whilst building significantly better relationships with your customers.

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The Next Ten Years believes that supercompany performance is within the reach of most companies. Even mid-size and large organisations have the ability to grow their revenue and profits in excess of 20% every year. Superperformers think differently, they think next practice and everything they do focusses on customer. Traditional best practice will not take you there. You have to be prepared to challenge accepted norms. The Next Ten Years is a resource of ideas, new thinking and case studies to help you challenge the status quo in a way that helps your own career as well as your company.

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